A Tribute to Philip Bouwmans, My Grandfather and My Hero

26 Dec
Phil Bouwmans, Philip Varrial

Phil Bouwmans plays along as his great-grandson and namesake Philip Varrial celebrates a great golf shot.


My brain says, when your 84 year old grandfather dies, don’t cry. Don’t dwell.My brain says, celebrate his life, his accomplishments, his contributions. It says celebrate the life of a great man who left so many impressions along the way.

My heart and my brain don’t always agree.

My heart hurts. It really aches because we have lost a man who personifies personality.  Continue reading


SeeMore mFGP Putter Review: Technology Rich, Buttery Soft

18 May
SeeMore nFGP

The SeeMore mFGP features Riflescope Technology to help with alignment and ball position.

In the land of putters, you’ve got some giants with big names and bigger price tags. And you’ve got your boutique putters with their loyal following. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, and if you’ve overlooked SeeMore in favor of the brands with scores of samples and models at the box stores, don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one. But as I’ve learned since being introduced to the brand at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show, by skipping over (or not seeking out) SeeMore, you’re doing yourself and your game a disservice.

SeeMore has been around for decades, played most famously by the late U.S. Open champion Payne Stewart. More recently, Zach Johnson has captured a major and is a Ryder Cup mainstay with a a SeeMore in the bag.

For the past two months I have put the SeeMore mFGP through an extensive playing test, with several hours on the practice green and more than a dozen rounds of golf. How does it compare to the 10 putters I’ve fallen in and out of love with and which are now decorating my golf room? In a word: Admirably.

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Review: Callaway X Hot Pro Fairway Woods Rule From Tee, Off Deck

17 May
Callaway X Hot

Callaway’s new X Hot is all about versatility, thanks in part to a classic design: the Warbird sole.

Callaway jumps into the maxed out fairway woods game this season with the X Hot line, but instead of touting “distance, distance, DISTANCE!” Callaway is promoting the X Hot and X Hot Pro as incredibly easy club to hit both off the tee, but also off the fairway and even from the rough.

For many years, club manufacturers have left yards on the table in their fairway woods, because of the high material cost and the difficult design hurdles created by designing a max C.O.R. club that isn’t a driver. Tour Edge Exotics basically ruled the market for those looking for the longest 3 wood they could find, but they didn’t come cheap. Adams and TaylorMade have joined the fun, all making a splash talking about yardage gains. But Callaway’s new X Hot is all about versatility, thanks in part to a classic design: the Warbird sole.

How does the Callaway X Hot Pro measure? It’s about so much more than yards off the tee, as we found during an extensive playing review.

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Naked Lady Tee: A Great Find Last Time Out

1 Mar
Naked Lady Tee

The naked lady tee won’t hold a ball anymore. But her legs make a great greens repairer.

I will let the photo do the talking on this one. Not only had I never seen one in real life, but I didn’t realize naked lady tees are actually shaped like naked ladies.

You find lots of broken tees as you get to a par 3, but I got a real kick out of this gem. Even though it’s only half a naked lady torso, I can only picture a modern day Al Czervik in the pro shop setting up Wang with all he’ll need.

Classic Caddyshack: Al Czervik Brings Wang to Bushwood


Nike Covert Cracked! My New Driver’s Sudden Demise

23 Feb
Nike Covert Cracked

The plastic insert on my Nike Covert cracked at the driving range.

The Nike Covert captured my attention when I first heard about this cavity back head, low-spin design and shaft, its cool factor and the way it felt the first time I hit it.

During the PGA Merchandise Show, the Covert made a huge splash. It was easily the most talked about club at the show, and media and golfers were gaga over Nike’s biggest move since adding Tiger Woods to their lineup. Bringing Rory McIlroy into the mix over the winter fueled the buzz. I decided I needed one, and two weeks ago, I spent a few hours hitting the Nike Covert Tour. But I figured I shouldn’t drop $400 without seeing how everything felt, so I also demoed the TaylorMade R1, the Callaway Razr Fit Extreme and the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2. It was far from a proper fitting, since it was indoors, but who am I kidding? I was just looking to buy the cool Covert.

Little did I know it wouldn’t be able to handle my strength. Continue reading

Adams Unveils 2013 Speedline Drivers: Super S and Super LS

19 Jan
Adams Super LS

The Adams Super LS is the latest in a long line of drivers by Adams, a favorite among equipment enthusiasts.

One of the first new drivers I used in my rebirth as a golfer was an Adams Speedline 9032ls. I liked it a lot, found it to be a wonderful upgrade from the decade-old TaylorMade it was replacing, and it had an X-stiff shaft, which was closer to a proper fit than I’d had in the past. So, when the 2013 batch of Adams Speedline clubs starting arriving around the holidays, I was intrigued and had warm memories of my previous Adams clubs.

I haven’t had much time to put the new models to the test, but . The Super LS is positioned as the players model and the Super S is more forgiving for the higher handicapper. The 2013 line of Adams clubs includes Super LS and Super S drivers, fairway woods and of course, since this is Adams, hybrids.

Continue reading for slideshows of pictures of each of the new Adams offerings.

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Heated Outerwear Warms Up The Cool Golf Months

13 Jan

Mobile Warming Gear Men's  Softshell Heated Vest_GFJM09_Black 1

Walking out of the house this morning was a reminder that the dog days of summer are past us. September in the Northeast offers that sweet relief of temperatures in the 50s before the sun gets up. It’s not necessarily jacket weather yet, but it will be soon.

On the golf course, especially as the days get shorter and afternoon football makes early morning rounds all the more important, there’s nothing worse than bundling up like the kid from “A Christmas Story.” So it’s shocking it’s taken this long for someone to figure out a way to power a jacket with more than body heat. Mobile Warming Outerwear has found the solution. Continue reading