A Tribute to Philip Bouwmans, My Grandfather and My Hero

 My brain says, when your 84 year old grandfather dies, don't cry. Don't dwell.My brain says, celebrate his life, his accomplishments, his contributions. It says celebrate the life of a great man who left so many impressions along the way.My heart and my brain don't always agree.My heart hurts. It really aches because we have... Continue Reading →

SeeMore mFGP Putter Review: Technology Rich, Buttery Soft

In the land of putters, you’ve got some giants with big names and bigger price tags. And you’ve got your boutique putters with their loyal following. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, and if you’ve overlooked SeeMore in favor of the brands with scores of samples and models at the box stores, don’t... Continue Reading →

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