Nike Covert Cracked! My New Driver’s Sudden Demise

Nike Covert Cracked
The plastic insert on my Nike Covert cracked at the driving range.

The Nike Covert captured my attention when I first heard about this cavity back head, low-spin design and shaft, its cool factor and the way it felt the first time I hit it.

During the PGA Merchandise Show, the Covert made a huge splash. It was easily the most talked about club at the show, and media and golfers were gaga over Nike’s biggest move since adding Tiger Woods to their lineup. Bringing Rory McIlroy into the mix over the winter fueled the buzz. I decided I needed one, and two weeks ago, I spent a few hours hitting the Nike Covert Tour. But I figured I shouldn’t drop $400 without seeing how everything felt, so I also demoed the TaylorMade R1, the Callaway Razr Fit Extreme and the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2. It was far from a proper fitting, since it was indoors, but who am I kidding? I was just looking to buy the cool Covert.

Little did I know it wouldn’t be able to handle my strength.

This isn’t really a review. I’ve played nine holes with the Covert and liked it. Then I headed to the range today in the rain. Somewhere around my 10th shot with the Covert, I smoked one, really pured it. But out of the corner of my eye I saw something come out of the range stall. I thought maybe it was the rubber tee, but it was a piece of the club head. The plastic insert inside the Covert cavity had cracked and gone flying. Not happy!

I brought the driver back to the retailer and they didn’t bat an eye, saying it’ll be covered and I’ll get a new one soon. I’ll post an update when I get it back, but boy, what an inconvenience. I’ve never owned a Nike club, and so far we’re not off to a great start. But if there’s a silver lining, it’s that I went between the Kuro Kage 60x shaft or the 70x version. They had the 60x in the store, so I let that be the decider. I’m sure the 70x is better, and they said since they’re both stock offerings, they’ll order the replacement with the shaft I want.

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Has anyone had a similar problem with the new Covert? A few posters on GolfWRX said they’d seen similar issues on demo models at stores, but figured they were pretty beaten up. Will be interesting to see if I just got a dud, or if this turns out to be a design flaw. For Nike’s sake, hopefully it’s a case of me being simply too powerful … I wish.

Nike Covert 2
The epoxy is exposed, where the plastic cracked on my new Nike Covert Tour driver.


3 thoughts on “Nike Covert Cracked! My New Driver’s Sudden Demise

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  1. Mine did the same thing. Got a new one, it did it again on the 2nd shot. It seems on ranges with permanent tees the tee will catch in the cavity and destroy the plastic. Definite design flaw.

  2. My covert cracked also, took it back and got a new one, now 2 months later it cracked also. I figured it will be improved on future models, so I just super glued it back on this time. The next one would have done the same thing

  3. Yes… I was at my local golfsmith and the exact same thing happened to me while I was demoing the performance model. Glad I did not own it. I did not buy the driver.

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